NUTRI ‘NEWS: the newsletter for a common nutritional culture

Placed on the front of packages, the Nutri-Score makes it possible to classify foods according to their nutritional quality; it is calculated taking into account the nutrients and foods to promote (fiber, protein, fruits & vegetables) and the nutrients to be limited (energy, saturated fatty acids, salt, sugars). Thus, the Nutri-Score helps to:

  • choose between several products from the same department: breakfast cereals, for example, may have different scores
  • compare the nutritional quality for the same product of different brands.

Please note: Foods rated lowest by the Nutri-Score are not foods to avoid but to consume in reasonable quantities and at reasonable frequencies …

Its application is optional, it is based on the voluntary work of agribusiness companies and distributors. At Nutrition & Santé, we are thinking about the different products in our ranges.

French creation, Nutri-Score is emulated by some of our European neighbors since in Belgium, it is officially in force since April 1 and last November, Spain announced its adoption.

To follow soon on our packaging …