COVID CRISIS: local solidarity actions driven by the N&S teams

Nutrition & Santé’s spirit of solidarity was again expressed during the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Find out about local product donation initiatives. Actions proposed and implemented by volunteers from all departments!

World Cleanup Day: an opportunity to remember N&S’s actions for recycling

On the 21th of September, the World CleanUp Day is to raise awareness about the proliferation of waste, to provoke a general raising of awareness on the stakes of environmental responsibility. Because we are all concerned with the ecological degradation of our planet, this is an opportunity for N & S to remind its local […]

Image qui représente les différentes notes du Nutriscore

NUTRI ‘NEWS: the newsletter for a common nutritional culture

Placed on the front of packages, the Nutri-Score makes it possible to classify foods according to their nutritional quality; it is calculated taking into account the nutrients and foods to promote (fiber, protein, fruits & vegetables) and the nutrients to be limited (energy, saturated fatty acids, salt, sugars). Thus, the Nutri-Score helps to: choose between […]

Agriculture de Conservation des Sols : pédagogie et militantisme pour promouvoir notre programme Objectif Terre

Jeudi dernier, nous organisions une rencontre à Revel pour découvrir ensemble le film « Bienvenue les vers de terre » qui explique les piliers et enjeux de l’Agriculture de Conservation des Sols (ACS). La soirée était ouverte aux salariés du site de Revel et aux invités externes de différents services (journalistes, prestataires, …)  C’était une […]