The human at the heart of our actions

The human
at the heart of our actions

Understanding our consumers

Our mission and our core business involve establishing a privileged dialogue with consumers, being attentive to their needs and supporting changes in our society.

Understanding our consumers

Our mission and our core business involve establishing a privileged dialogue with consumers, being attentive to their needs and supporting changes in our society.

Produce a healthy and sustainable diet

Because a balanced diet is essential for the growth, development and the proper functioning of our body, we are committed to a healthy diet that meets the needs and choices of each of us. We are constantly listening to our consumers. Through our brands, we offer a variety of solutions adapted to their needs along with advice and personalized support.
We believe that our health depends on prevention with, first and foremost, the content of our plate. A conviction that nourishes our approach as a responsible manufacturer and reinforces our quality management system: IFS certifications of our manufacturing sites.

This approach is now confirmed by the excellent scores of our products on the NUTRI-SCORE* scale, which aims to facilitate consumer information on the nutritional quality of foodstuffs: a strength that we are proud to claim from 2020 on the packs of our Gerblé, Gerlinéa and Céréal products!

Encourage responsible consumption

By creating products that respect local areas, the environment and people, we encourage the responsibility of our consumers in their choices. We accompany their reflections and help them to better understand the stakes of their consumer uses, the links that exist between the land and food circuits, between the environment and health, between territories and people. Beyond our role as a manufacturer, we create the links to better understand and respect our world.

Nutrition & Santé is dedicated to supporting and encouraging responsible consumption, orientated towards the future.

Promote the commitment and fulfillment of employees

Nutrition & Santé deploys a human resources policy guided by strong values ​​and organized according to four commitments.

For our European sites, from 2019 to 2021, we have allocated 13% of our industrial investments in Health Safety Environment (HSE).

Offer quality living conditions

Nutrition & Santé wishes to develop its employees in a quality working environment and deploys its actions around the prevention of accidents at work, the empowerment of employees and managers, to health and safety at work, the balance between professional and personal life, or the right to disconnect.

The employment rate of disabled people is 5.73% in France

Promote Diversity

The human capital of N&S is one of its strengths. Promoting diversity of profiles is a real driver of innovation. This is reflected in the social policy of N&S, through the signing of agreements with social partners on professional equality between women and men, support for young people and older workers, integration and retention of employment of disabled workers, as well as raising awareness and training sessions.

76% in 2022
76% of European employees have received training. 75% in France. And we are targeting 100% in Europe by 2025.

To develop the professional skills of our employees

An HR Development division has been created to support the evolution of our business lines and offer adapted and motivating integration and training courses.

1475 salariés
The total workforce of N&S group is stable with 1,475 employees, including 1009 in France

To cultivate social dialogue

Sharing our strategy with our employees, giving them the means to be an actor and listening to their aspirations, allows us to give a privileged place to dialogue with everyone and their representatives.

Giving sense to our mission

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