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+ 11%

The total workforce of Nutrition & Santé France increased by 11% since 2015.

77% in 2021

77% of European employees have received training.


The employment rate of people with disabilities is 4.9% in 2021 (France).


In 2020 and 2021, we have dedicated 13% of our industrial investments in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

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Karim Elkhourdj

Line Operator, Revel

Karim has occupied various positions within Nutrition & Santé since his arrival in 2001. In turn operator, preparer, coagulator of soy juice, he benefited for each of these positions from training internally. Today, he is a line operator for the production of cereal and Tofu pancakes. “This profession requires a lot of rigor as to the quality of the product. I really care about customer satisfaction, which I also follow. I also like the relational side of this function”, says Karim.


François Caron

Maintenance Team Leader, Compiègne

After a BTS in electrical engineering and a specialization in engineering sciences, François Caron joined the Compiègne factory. In charge of maintenance, organized in 3×8, François manages a team of three maintenance technicians and a BTS apprentice.
“I take care of planning the interventions necessary for the proper functioning of all industrial tools, around a hundred, ranging from a small inkjet machine to the demolding or loading robot. I also take care of supplier visits to the site, I check and renew if necessary the maintenance contracts and manage the necessary repairs. What I like in this job and in particular in this new building that we integrated in February 2017, is the maintenance of a production tool using the latest advanced technologies. But what I also really appreciate in this business is taking environmental aspects into account in daily management. We pay as much attention to the product we make as to the machines we use.”


Mathieu Marion

Quality Assurance Agent, Revel

After a BTS in the food industry, Mathieu Marion joined Nutrition & Santé in 2008. “I wanted to join a responsible and innovative company to gain experience, to know a variety of processes and technologies”. Since 2011, Mathieu is the quality agent for the Revel plant, a job he says is exciting because it is very diverse. “We follow up on products at all stages of production (ingredients, packaging, compliance with procedures and self-checks, etc.) in order to guarantee a healthy and good quality product for our consumers. This profession requires responsiveness and a sense of adaptation, in particular when an incident occurs unexpectedly.”


Lurdes Cotxarrera Vilaplana

Plant Manager, Castellterçol – Spain

Doctor of Biology, Lurdes is Plant Manager at Castellterçol (Spain), since 2011. “On our site, we notably manufacture vegetable burgers, tofu and seitan for the Spanish and French market. All of this production is done organically. My job consists of ensuring the good approach of the productive activity of the site, from the planning of the needs until the production of the necessary volumes in accordance with the established quality standards.” Around Lurdes, there is a team of about 85 people. “Analytical skills are the first quality to have. Availability is also very important, especially in terms of listening, because you have to have a sense of communication. And of course you have to be organized because the activities are varied. I work in participative management to involve all my young and dynamic team, we build the business together. What I like in this job is the daily challenge of production and management … This job is far from monotonous.”

Nicolas Catel

Logistics, France

Audrey Peyroux

HR Assistant

I joined Nutrition & Santé in 2017 and very quickly felt integrated by my team. I appreciate the internal management from which I benefit: it values ​​the taking of initiatives and recognizes the implication of each one. I have the opportunity to express myself transparently on my professional needs and my wishes for development.

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