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    NUTRITION & SANTÉ cannot guarantee that any use you may make of data appearing on this site does not infringe any third party rights.
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    NUTRITION & SANTÉ reserves the right to interrupt or suspend all or part of the functions of this Website.
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ does not accept any responsibility in any form whatsoever for any interruption or suspension of all or part of the functions of its Website, irrespective of whether this results from the action of, or omission by, any part of the NUTRITION & SANTÉ group or of a third party.
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    Everything you transmit or publish becomes the property of NUTRITION & SANTÉ or of its branches at may be used for whatever purpose, including without limitation, reproduction, divulgation, transmission, publication, diffusion, and bill posting.
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  7. Data may contain technical inexactitudes or typographical errors. NUTRITION & SANTÉ, as titular owner of the Website, reserves the right to carry out modifications, corrections and/or improvements to the data, the products and programs described, at any moment and without notice.
  8. The NUTRITION & SANTÉ Websites contain data covering all its products and services throughout the world, it being clear that certain of those products and services are not universally available. The mention of a product or a service on a NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website does not imply that this product or service is, or will be, available in your country.
  9. NUTRITION & SANTÉ not having control or ownership of websites to which the NUTRITION & SANTÉ website is linked, and not being capable of assuring itself as to the contents of those sites, you recognize that NUTRITION & SANTÉ is not responsible for the content of “off-Site” pages, nor of others to which the NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website may be linked. Any liaison between the NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website, and “off-Site” pages, or with other websites, is carried out under your sole responsibility and without the authorization of NUTRITION & SANTÉ.
  10. Although NUTRITION & SANTÉ may occasionally animate or approve discussions, interviews, mailings, transmissions, summaries, and other such activities on its Websites, it is not obliged to do so and accordingly accepts no responsibility for any shortcomings, errors, or infractions of any kind whatsoever in the content or origin of such data.
    You are prohibited from addressing or transmitting any data constituting a dereliction of duty or an infraction or possibly contributing to an eventual breach of the law, and involving the civil or criminal responsibility of its perpetrator. NUTRITION & SANTÉ will closely cooperate with the competent authorities and demand that the identity of the person at the origin of such data or products be communicated to them.
  11. NUTRITION & SANTÉ may at any moment modify these present conditions by bringing them up to date. You are obliged to respect any such modifications and must accordingly visit this page to inform yourself of the current conditions. 
  12. Links to the NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website are only authorized to link with the welcome page. Hyper-text links are not authorized without prior written permission from NUTRITION & SANTÉ.
  13. The use of the NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website by third party sites, or elements of same, is not authorized. “In-line” or all other such processes seeking to integrate parts of the Website on to third party sites are also forbidden.


This charter applies to all NUTRITION & SANTÉ websites which have internet addresses. It is an engagement to respect privacy and regulate the manner in which we collect, store and utilize information concerning individuals. Our charter protects privacy and is easy to access as it is located on our welcome page; it is “linked” on all pages of the Website where personal nominative data is requested. At the locations where such data is collected, complementary explanations can be supplied, as needed, about the utilization that will be made of this data.

This charter, accompanied by all complementary explanations, is designed to assure protection adapted to the visitor’s privacy, or that of individual users of NUTRITION & SANTÉ websites.
  1. Engagement as to security of private information
    The term “personal nominative data” designates information which identifies you such as your name, date of birth, e-mail address, and postal address. NUTRITION & SANTÉ will not utilize personal nominative data which concerns you without your agreement.
    In the context of utilizing such data, we undertake to fully respect the international standards for the protection of privacy. In so doing we assure that our collaborators strictly respect security and confidentiality standards.
    The following points explain how your personal data will be collected.
  2. Utilisation of personal data
    Most of our services do not require any form of registration, which allows you to visit our site without having to reveal your identity. Certain services do, however, require you to register. When you register on a website you can be asked to complete certain fields (some fields are obligatory and others facultative), and to communicate a username and a password. In this case if you choose not to communicate certain personal data it is possible that you will not be able to access certain pages of the site and we will not be in a position to respond to your questions.
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ will use your personal nominative data for specific and limited functions, functions which we inform you about when we request that personal data. We could, for example, collect and utilize personal data to offer, supply, or invoice you products or services that are likely to personally interest you or to communicate with you about other subjects. The information you send our customer service department is only used to help us resolve your problem, and is treated in a confidential manner.
  3. Non-divulgence of information
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ undertakes not to sell, share nor reveal your personal nominative data to third parties outside its own Group. It is possible, however, that data may occasionally be communicated to third parties acting on behalf of NUTRITION & SANTÉ or in relation to NUTRITION & SANTÉ activities within the utilisation framework for which they were originally collected.
    When revealing personal nominative data to a third party is probable or necessary for whatever reason, NUTRITION & SANTÉ undertakes to assure itself in as far as possible that the conditions of this revelation and the use to which such data will be put are clearly indicated.
    These third parties may take different privacy protection measures that the ones we employ. We however undertake that these third parties have the same level of protection as NUTRITION & SANTÉ and as necessary we contractually request them to exploit the revealed data only in pursuit of the objectives established by NUTRITION & SANTÉ.
    We will not share sensitive data (for example medical information) with third parties without your prior express consent. Such consent may be revoked at any moment. If you withdraw your consent, NUTRITION & SANTÉ will inform on every possible occasion the third parties to whom you data has been transmitted that you have withdrawn your consent.
  4. Right of access
    You have the right to access and to up-date your personal nominative data as well as the right to demand their deletion, in conformity with the provisions of the (French) Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computer technology, files and liberties. We undertake to assure ourselves that your nominative personal data are up to date, exact and complete. Should you wish to access your personal data, or to correct it, we ask you to please contact our data protection manager by e-mail. Your requests will be processed as quickly as possible. Requests to delete personal data will be subject to the legal and ethical constraints which NUTRITION & SANTÉ is subject to in the areas of reporting, archiving, and document storage.

    Security and Confidentiality

    In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal nominative data we receive “on-line”, NUTRITION & SANTÉ uses protected data networks, equipped amongst others with an anti-intrusion provision in conformity with the relevant standards, and with a password.
    Access to personal nominative data is limited to those of our collaborators who need to use that data and who have received the necessary training to correctly “manage” such data, and who strictly respect the standards of confidentiality.
    Should a collaborator breach our privacy protection charter, they will be sanctioned in consequence. The respect by our personnel of our charter and procedures is regularly audited and verified. Although we cannot exclude the possibility of loss, unauthorized use, or alteration to data, we do everything possible to avoid such situations arising.
  5. Transfer abroad of data
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ is a global brand and has databases in different countries. NUTRITION & SANTÉ may transmit your data to its other databases in a country other than the one of your residence. If the level of privacy protection in a country does not respect the internationally recognized standards, we ensure that the transmission of data to databases in such a country are adequately protected, and that the transmission of such data to third parties cannot take place without you having first given your prior express consent.
  6. Anonymous data and “Cookies”
    Most of the data NUTRITION & SANTÉ collects on its websites is anonymous data such as which pages you have visited and the research you carried out there. When you visit our Website we do not collect any personal nominative data about you, unless you have authorized us to do so.
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ utilizes this anonymous data to help it improve the content of its websites and to obtain global statistics on its users for marketing purposes. NUTRITION & SANTÉ may therefore put in place “Cookies” which collect the preferences of each user, as well as the date and time of access in order to personalize the NUTRITION & SANTÉ Website in function of each user’s choices. The “Cookies” themselves cannot be used to obtain the user’s identity. A “Cookie” is a data element which is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. The “Cookies” do not degrade your computer. You can activate your browser to inform you of the reception of a “Cookie”. This will allow you to decide whether you accept it or not.
  7. Diffusion to disinterested addressees (Spam)
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ does not accept diffusion to disinterested addressees. Such a diffusion is the sending of non-requested e-mails, usually of a commercial nature, to an important number of addressees and often repeatedly to people with whom the sender has not had any prior contact, or who have refused to receive such messages.
    Conversely when NUTRITION & SANTÉ considers that certain products, or questions relating to health or other information are important for you, we reserve the right to inform you by e-mail and offer you the choice of declining this service.
  8. Personal nominative data and children
    NUTRITION & SANTÉ undertakes not to collect, use, or knowingly reveal, personal nominative data of minors under 13 years of age without having obtained the prior agreement of a person exercising parental authority (that is to say parents or legal guardians) by a direct method. We provide this parent or guardian with a note on the precise nature of the personal nominative data collected concerning the minor and on their right to oppose such collection, use, or storage of such information. NUTRITION & SANTÉ subscribes to the declaration on the protection of the privacy of children on-line in the United States of America and respects laws of a similar nature which seek to protect children in other countries.
  9. Relations with other sites
    The engagement to respect privacy applies solely to the NUTRITION & SANTÉ websites, to the exclusion of third party websites. NUTRITION & SANTÉ may assure “liaisons” with other sites it considers are of interest to its visitors. We seek to assure ourselves that such websites respect the most rigorous standards. Given the nature of the world-wide-web, NUTRITION & SANTÉ cannot however guarantee the level of standards of each link it offers, nor can it be responsible for the content of third party sites.
  10. Contact with NUTRITION & SANTÉ
    Should you wish to ask questions, or make claims relative to the respect of privacy by NUTRITION & SANTÉ, or if you wish to make recommendations or comments to improve the quality of our charter relating to the protection of privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
    We constantly seek to improve the tools we put at your disposal to handle the information which we offer you. Please check this document from time to time to examine these provisions and any eventual additions.

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