Vegetal Nutrition


Vegetable proteins are an excellent alternative to animal proteins for a varied diet.

For 35 years, Nutrition & Santé has been a pioneer in this field and relies on the expertise of its brands to help everyone discover the benefits of a more plant-based diet to all consumers seeking healthy and environmentally-friendly food. Our brands offer a wide range of gourmet and responsible products in supermarkets but also in health food stores with quality ingredients, such as our organic soya sourced 100% from the South-West of France and 0% GMO.

Céréal Bio



For more than 10 years Céréal bio has been the leading brand of organic, practical, gourmet & vegetal meals in supermarkets.
Céréal Bio range offers a variety of vegetal alternatives for healthy meals.

In 2015, Céréal is once again a pioneer by launching the 1st range of meat substitutes in the fresh delicatessen department in supermarkets. This range is produced in our plants in Revel (southwestern France).


Organic and health food stores

In 1982, Soy became the first French brand to commercialize tofu-based products. Today, a leader in its market, this organic brand offers 90 specialties made from seitan, cereals, or vegetables for a more vegetarian diet. Since 2017, we have commercialized a 100% vegan range.

Logo Natursoy


Organic and health food stores

Natursoy is a Spanish brand which has been commercializing fresh and organic ready-made food products since 1988. It provides organic foods (tofu, seitan and derivatives), for a healthy, environmentally respectful diet.


Organic and health food stores

Céréalpes, created in 1992, is produced in the Alps of Haute-Provence. It offers organic products along with fresh and savory pancakes made from grains, cereals, vegetables and herbs from Provence.

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