Terre de Partage, France 2

“Passion Cereals” is the interprofessional cereal association to have a communication tool for the general public. Nutrition & Santé adheres to this association as a processing industry.

And to act as a pedagogy and promote the French cereal crop, “Passion Cereals” sponsors a program on « France 3 channel ».

Broadcast every weekend until December 1st, 2019, the program “Terres de Partage” let discover the collective initiatives of the agricultural world and its sectors. Every week: testimonials from rural actors throughout France. 15 new episodes telling so many stories of solidarity, commitment and passion.

And this year, an episode is shot on our Revel plant!

The episode “crunchy and responsible” will be broadcast Sunday, October 27 and Saturday, November 16, around 13: 40 on « France 2 », just after TV News.

Replay « Passion Céréales » YouTube channel: