World Cleanup Day: an opportunity to remember N&S’s actions for recycling

On the 21th of September, the World CleanUp Day is to raise awareness about the proliferation of waste, to provoke a general raising of awareness on the stakes of environmental responsibility. Because we are all concerned with the ecological degradation of our planet, this is an opportunity for N & S to remind its local initiatives for recycling and waste reduction.

Remember, a year ago, the Revel teams inaugurated the new waste storage area. The project consisted in centralizing the waste of the 4 factories of the Revel site to compact the volumes and optimize the sectors.

Our waste sectors, what are they? Banals Industrial Waste, paperboard, paper, scrap metal, noble metals, wood, glass, plastics, cartridges, … in total: about twenty sectors of waste.

Sorting represents an environmental and legal but also economic issue because today, our new waste disposal allows a significant annual savings, especially through the valuation of all co-products (food waste) for animal feed!