COVID CRISIS: local solidarity actions driven by the N&S teams

We are very proud of the commitment of all the N&S teams in our different countries and locations. Numerous local product donation actions have been carried out to the benefit of healthcare personnel in their region with healthy N&S products.

Thank you to all the volunteers who prepared the packages for delivery!

This action is in addition to donations made to food banks and other spontaneous initiatives.
You are all great!

AT NUTRITION & SANTÉ ITALY, more than 3500 meals delivered to the 2000 doctors of a new hospital for the treatment of VIDOC-19 in Milan

AT NUTRITION & SANTÉ IBERIA, the team mobilized to make donations of drinks, cakes, meals, to hospitals in Barcelona, masks and bandages to hospitals in Girona.

AT NUTRITION & SANTÉ FRANCE, cookies and snacking products provided to 4,500 caregivers in the 20 hospitals near our sites.

AT NUTRITION & SANTÉ BENELUX, donations of N&S products and weekly fruit baskets were donated to a local hospital.

And other local initiatives near our manufacturing sites…