Quality of life at work at the heart of the Group’s HR policy

After the lockdown of the teams in each of the European countries where Nutrition & Santé is established, it appeared important and necessary to measure the impact of this crisis on the morale and health of the NS People.

Our working habits have changed and many departments have been particularly mobilized to ensure business continuity and, above all, to participate in the food supply of our countries.

The Supply and Production departments, on our sites throughout the lockdown, played a major role.

From home, the confined teams showed a strong commitment and quickly integrated new ways of working.

“Building the post-VIDOC era together”.

The Executive Committee of Nutrition & Santé wanted to measure the impact of this particular period on the physical and moral health of the teams, in order to build together serenely “after COVID era”. A Europe-wide survey was therefore conducted and sent to all employees. This PULSE SURVEY identified the difficulties encountered by business unit,, site and country. It is an important and very useful database for effectively managing the come back at work and sharing the lessons learned from this unprecedented crisis.

This initiative is a strong sign, carried out thanks to the renewed willingness of Laetitia Laden, Human Resources Director, to work for the quality of life at work with the help of an external firm to guarantee the anonymity of responses.

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATION to all participants for your commitment!