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Ever higher quality and transparency

Quality is more than a simple statement, it is manufactured every day, at each stage, for each product through secure supply chains and committed men and women.
It’s the golden thread of a continuous quest, driven by all the teams, from the product’s creation, the selection of the best ingredients, the development of the recipe, the design of the packaging, the manufacturing processes, which must in particular guarantee the safety and the good conservation of the products.

Thus, from receiving the raw materials to shipping the product, dozens of control steps have been defined. Various tools allow us to identify and eliminate certain defects during production. For that, the production lines, the methodologies of work, the training of the teams, the operations of control ... everything is orchestrated internally with an extreme rigor.

N&S strives for absolute food security: A guarantee that establishes the reputation of our company and its commitment to its consumers and customers.

And when we give information to our consumers, we choose transparency, through a pedagogical discourse on packaging and brand websites, but also personalized contacts with teams of dieticians.

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