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Slimming nutrition

With Gerlinéa in supermarkets, Milical in pharmacies, Pesoforma in Italy, Modifast in Germany and WeightCare in the Netherlands, Nutrition & Santé is an expert in slimming nutrition. With one ambition: to make slimness accessible to everyone, without compromising on pleasure: meal substitutes, snacks, nutritional supplements help lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. The weight that makes you feel good! And our brands select more and more ingredients from nature and the vegetable.

N&S, the expert in weight management

Feeling good about our weight is being healthy in the head. At Nutrition & Santé, we are convinced that achieving and maintaining our weight involves a healthy and balanced diet. But is not always easy with our current lifestyles!
Our objective: offering everyone the best of nutrition in simple, natural and tasty products, to overcome the extra kilos or maintain our weight.

Slimming nutrition available to everyone through supermarkets

Whether in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, or Italy, our famous slimming brands, Gerlinéa, WeightCare, Bicentury, Pesoforma share the same ambition: allow slimming accessible to everyone. By the way, we propose practical and varied solutions, without compromising on pleasure: meal replacements, slimming snacks, Konjac based ingredients and food supplements.

Because nature is the best source of essential nutrients, Gerlinéa has created vegetable dishes, small cooked soy-based meals, powder shakes,… with vegetables, cereals and legumes to combine balance and satiety with pleasure and naturality.

Slimming nutrition in pharmacies

With Bimanan, Milical, Modifast and Protiplus, set a course for expertise! Complete coaching programs, associated with pharmacist’s advices for global and personalized slimming approach, and different product categories including meal replacements and Low-Calorie Diet products with clinical evidence.
Established : 1994
Leader in slimming nutrition in supermarkets in France and Belgium
Marketed in : France, BeNeLux also Croatia, Africa, Lebanon, Roumania, Slovenia...
Distribution channel : supermarkets
Ranges: meal replacements, slimming aids, high-protein snacks, dietary supplements...
Established : 1989
Leader in slimming nutrition in supermarkets in the Netherlands
Marketed in : Belgium, the Netherlands
Distribution channel : supermarkets, drugstores, online stores
Ranges : breakfast bars, meal bars, milkshakes, ready-to-drink products, snacks...
Established : 1995
Leader in slimming nutrition in Italy
Marketed in : Italy
Distribution channel : supermarkets and hypermarkets, pharmacies
Ranges : meal replacements, snacks, dietary supplements, sweeteners, ...
Established : 1978
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in Spain
Marketed in : Spain
Ranges: bars, ready meals, high-protein snacks (Método Pro) and slimming supplements (Bimanán Plus)...
Established : 1962
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in France
Marketed in : France also Labanon
Ranges : ready meals, meals to prepare, high-protein snacks, slimming biscuits, slimming supplements...
Established: 1977
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in Belgium
Marketed in : BeNeLux, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the Nordic countries also in Africa
Ranges: Intensive, Protiplus, Snack&Meal, dietary supplements...
Established : end of the 1980s
Leader in slimming nutrition in grocery stores in Spain
Marketed in : Spain, Israel, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic
Ranges : corn cakes, rice cakes, bars of cereals and milk chocolate (sarialís)...


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