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Slimming nutrition

N&S, the expert in weight management

The number of overweight people is increasing in Europe. At Nutrition & Santé, we have resolutely chosen the route of prevention. The Group’s slimming brands are known everywhere for their comprehensive, professional and technical approach.

We have banished the myth that "everyone is equal as regards weight control." By understanding this well before it became an accepted fact, we have developed programmes to combat overweight, the new epidemic of the modern age. The result is a range of European brands that are acknowledged for their expertise and available through all retail channels. 
Our philosophy is based on one belief: simplicity and pleasure are the shortest route to weight control, without all the constraints.

Slimming nutrition available to everyone through supermarkets

The three leading ranges in supermarkets and hypermarkets in France, Holland, and Italy are Gerlinéa, WeightCare and Pesoforma, highlighting the success of a new approach to slimming.
Whether "à la carte", full-on or just because you feel like it, the principle remains the same: choose from the diverse range of products, tastes and textures to manage your weight on a simple day-to-day basis, at your own pace.

Slimming nutrition in pharmacies

With Bimanán, Milical, Modifast and Protiplus, European countries are adopting scientific excellence in slimming, supported by clinical evidence.
What is their secret? Professional advice from the pharmacist combined with products whose formulas guarantee results.
A comprehensive and varied range to help you lose or maintain your weight in total confidence.
Established : 1994
Leader in slimming nutrition in supermarkets in France and Belgium
Marketed in : France, BeNeLux also Croatia, Africa, Lebanon, Roumania, Slovenia...
Distribution channel : supermarkets
Ranges: meal replacements, slimming aids, high-protein snacks, dietary supplements...
Established : 1989
Leader in slimming nutrition in supermarkets in the Netherlands
Marketed in : Belgium, the Netherlands
Distribution channel : supermarkets, drugstores, online stores
Ranges : breakfast bars, meal bars, milkshakes, ready-to-drink products, snacks...
Established : 1995
Leader in slimming nutrition in Italy
Marketed in : Italy
Distribution channel : supermarkets and hypermarkets, pharmacies
Ranges : meal replacements, snacks, dietary supplements, sweeteners, "Segrati dal Giappone"...
Established : 1978
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in Spain
Marketed in : Spain
Ranges: bars, ready meals, high-protein snacks (Método Pro) and slimming supplements (Bimanán Plus)...
Established : 1962
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in France
Marketed in : France also Labanon
Ranges : ready meals, meals to prepare, high-protein snacks, slimming biscuits, slimming supplements...
Established: 1977
Leader in slimming nutrition in pharmacies in Belgium
Marketed in : BeNeLux, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the Nordic countries also in Africa
Ranges: Intensive, Protiplus, Snack&Meal, dietary supplements...
Established : end of the 1980s
Leader in slimming nutrition in grocery stores in Spain
Marketed in : Spain, Israel, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic
Ranges : corn cakes, rice cakes, bars of cereals and milk chocolate (sarialís)...


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