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Respect your body, respect nature

Eating organic is not just good for the environment. It also means giving your body the best. And that is exactly what you get with Céréal Bio, Soy, Céréalpes and Natursoy.

Céréal Bio cultivates quality

Céréal Bio is a creative brand of products composed of various ingredients and consumables at all times of the day .

Soy, the alternative protein source

Vegetable proteins are a healthy alternative to meat and animal protein. Soy draws on the dietetic qualities and nutritional value of soybeans, seitan and cereals to make creative, modern, tasty recipes.
In 1998, Soy pioneered the production of organic, non-GM soybeans in Europe; this industry today encompasses 430 growers, seed producers and storage agencies, making South-West France the leading organic soybean production region in Europe. Soy takes an uncompromising approach to the quality of production, and applies the same philosophy to the processing of these carefully selected soybeans. Soy’s factory, which is already ISO 14001 certified, is aiming for its packaging materials to be 100% recyclable (95% today) and is constantly improving its green credentials.


Céréalpes, original recipes

As the specialist in organic cereal burgers since 1987 ! 
Céréalpes offers a variety of burgers, polenta and panissa, whose ingredients come from local organic farming.
This taste for innovation is reflected in the constant introduction of new flavours: Mediterranean, exotic, traditional, cranberry and many more.
Established : 2007
Expert in organic food for everyone
Marketed in : France, BeNeLux, Spain, Italy also Lebanon, Africa, Slovenia...
Distribution channel : supermarkets
Ranges : ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, soy and cereal burgers, bread products, biscuits, snacks, muesli,
"French origin" (Camargue brown rice cakes, soy drink...)...
Established : 2015
Expert of meat analog
Marketed in : France, Spain
Distribution channel : supermarkets
Ranges : nature steaks and barbecue, sliced, nuggets and breaded escalope, blue cordon, thin slices...
Established : 1987
Creator of organic cereal burgers
Marketed in : France
Distribution channel : organic stores
Ranges : wholegrain burgers, wheatfree burgers, polenta, panissa (chickpea polenta), oat bran burgers...
Ranges : wholegrain burgers, wheatfree burgers, polenta, panissa (chickpea polenta), oat bran burgers...
Established : 1988
Expert in organic vegetable proteins
Marketed in: Spain
Distribution channel : specialist health and organic stores, supermarkets
Ranges : tofu, seitan and cereal burgers, organic and vegetable ready meals...
Established : 1982
Expert in the organic alternative
Marketed in : France, Spain
Distribution channel : organic stores
Ranges : drinks, desserts, plant-based creams, tofu and tofu products, long-life burgers, fried seitan dishes, seitan slices, stir-fry dishes, snacking
seeds, chocolate seeds products...


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