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 Health & functional foods

Nutrition & Santé only develops products that provide a genuine nutritional benefit. All are made from carefully selected ingredients, non-treated grains, non-GMO soy, rigorously selected, and environmentally friendly. Nutrition & Santé strives for excellence.
This is an on-going effort which the consumer recognizes when he or she chooses our brands in supermarket
aisles, in specialized shops, or at the pharmacy. The founding ideas and vision of Nutrition & Santé, “that what we eat is important for our health”, is no longer a minority view. Today, it’s just universally recognized good sense. This ‘obvious’ idea guides the consumer who, by choosing brands that he knows well, is trusting Nutrition & Santé. The numbers and the trends say it all. And consumers say it: they buy our products because they want to take care of themselves and because the products are good.

Healthy eating, every day

Nutrition & Santé is constantly developing its expertise in the field of balanced diets, so it can offer products that are both tasty and healthy.

For 80 years, the Gerblé brand (in France and Spain) – Céréal (in Benelux and Italy) have been successful thanks to: balance, energy, authenticity. Consumers trust them. Absolutely. What makes them unique? Pleasure!

Our brands Gerblé, Céréal and the “specialists” brands, Allergo, ValpiBio and Valiform, provide healthy solutions gluten free and sugar free. Each product is carefully produced to satisfy each type of consumer need. Vitamins and minerals are very carefully proportioned. All of these brands innovate and adapt to the tastes and consumer habits.

Combining pleasure and wellbeing

Naturally, the brand offers healthy solutions, with its wide range of gluten-free products that facilitate the daily lives of gluten-intolerant consumers, or its sugar-free range for diabetics or anyone who wishes to reduce their consumption of these nutritional fields.
However, the notion of pleasure remains central to Gerblé-Céréal’s philosophy. We want our customers to appreciate the textures, aromas and flavours of all our recipes.

Seeds of innovation

Not everyone can be a pioneer. So, what is our secret? Listening closely to our consumers.

And offering solutions to their individual lifestyles that are as relevant as they are innovative: vitality, fibers, vegetable proteins, sports nutrition, omega 3, no added or reduced sugar content. The first dietetic breakfast cereals and the first almond bar... came from Gerblé!

Valpiform Valpibio  2015

Informing and supporting consumers

Gerblé-Céréal fully deserves the trust it has earned from consumers. As a brand with principles, its recipes are based on cereals grown without synthetic pesticides and free of hydrogenated fats.
The special relationship it has with consumers is reflected in the choice of informative packaging and the ongoing dialogue that takes place through its websites and consumer services.
Established : 1928 (Gerblé), 1934 (Céréal)
European leader in Health & Functional Food
Marketed in : France, Spain, BeNeLux, Italy also in Africa, Croatia, Japan, Lebanon, Roumania, Solavenia...
Distribution channel : supermarkets
Ranges : Vitality, Fibres, Soy, Antioxidants, Sport & Energy, Omega 3, Reduced content (caffeine, salt, sugar...), Sugar-free/No added sugar, Gluten-free...
Established : 2004
First brand to make available in supermarkets products for consumers with intolerances or allergies.
Marketed in : France, Belgium, Roumania...
Distribution channels : supermarkets
Ranges : biscuits, cookies, spongy pastries, chocolate bars, sandwich loaves, crunchy toast, crispbread, flour...

Established : 2000
Gluten-free products obtained organically
Marketed in : France, BeNeLux
Distribution channels: health food and organic stores
Ranges : bread, crunchy toast, pasta, snacks, biscuits, madeleines, frozen food...
Established : 1990
Gluten-free and allergen-free products
Marketed in : France, BeNeLux
Distribution channels : health food and organic stores
Ranges : bread, mini cakes, madeleines, biscuits, snacks, mix...

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