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Research and expertise

Pioneer on raw materials

The heart of our craft consists of creating high-quality products for better health worldwide.

From our choice of ingredients to the final product, we control every step of the product life cycle.
We believe that vegetable foods (such as wheat, soy, quinoa, millet, and rice) which are the basis of human nourishment are key. These ingredients that are fundamental to tackling current and future food issues, both nutritional and environmental.
From the beginning, Nutrition & Santé has been committed to developing products that contribute authentic progress to nutrition and diet alternatives by integrating the latest advances in research and technology.

Research at the heart of our progress

Whether for sports, weight loss, everyday diet, or “-free” products (gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, etc.), our products are formulated to meet the needs of every kind of lifestyle and the diversity of our consumer profiles (with ingredient research, studies, and consumer tests).
Because we believe that eating well is also a preventative approach, it makes sense to support research. Therefore, Nutrition & Santé has long been in contact with the scientific community for nutritional studies and in order to follow the evolution of nutrition-based knowledge. Advancing our dietary practices and human health with concrete, everyday solutions while respecting our consumers and their specific issues comprises the foundation of our process of our corporate social responsibility.

Vegetable alternatives, our added value

Our company has pioneered a supply of products rich in vegetable proteins, daily alternatives, and providers of animal products.

Our products have been on the shelves of organic food stores for the past 35 years in France and in other European countries.
In 2015, Nutrition & Santé was the first company to introduce meat substitutes to the grocery channels and to meet the needs of flexitarians*. Those who wish to reduce their meat consumption for ethical purposes or for a more balanced diet. Now since 2017 organic meat substitutes are also available in specific shops.
Guiding consumers in their transition from animal products to vegetable-based proteins is one of our core objectives for future generations.

*Flexitarian: someone who tends to follow a more plant-heavy diet to reduce his or her consumption of animal proteins.

Over 50 R&D people dedicated to product innovation !


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