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Feeding our future

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The group

Feeding our future

Our mission

“We create new products for a better health worldwide” (Otsuka Group)
Our policy draws its fundamentals from the company’s historical commitment to health food and products derived from organic farming in particular.

Our aim

The aim of Nutrition & Santé is contained in its name: to develop natural and healthy food products that are rich in both flavor and benefits, and taken from the best that nature can offer. We are able to propose to our consumers a transparent and intelligent approach to nutrition, based on a better understanding of what is good for them, whatever their needs may be.
Whether for sports, weight management, daily diet, or “-free” products (gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, or vegetable alternatives), our products are formulated to meet the needs of every kind of lifestyle and the diversity of our consumer profiles. Our brands offer healthy and natural nutrition that puts enjoyment first.

Our scope

Native to southwestern France, our group is present in over 40 countries in several distribution channels (supermarkets groceries, pharmacies, and drugstores, health and functional stores, and distributors) with four market segments
  • Health, Functional & Wellness Food
  • Slimming nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Organic & Veggie alternative

Our values

Our company is based upon five founding values: care and respect, pioneering, responsibility, commitment, simple and open / simplicity and candor all of which nourish our performance and all of our development projects.

In this way, Nutrition & Santé contributes daily to “nourish our future” not only for daily millions of consumers around the world, but also for generations to come.

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