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Feeding our future

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Societal commitments

For our contribution to local development and communities

Donating to food banks or other charities in order to limit waste created in Western society is one of our greatest concerns.

From 2014 to 2017, Nutrition & Santé participated in preservation of the Canal du Midi via replanting and protection of its biodiversity. The number three most visited river in the world, the Canal du Midi crosses the Lauragais region, where our head offices are located.

N&S supports historical charity associations in the domain of health or solidarity (the Red Cross, Telethon, etc.) and has invited its employees to donate blood for over 20 years (at the Revel site).
Lastly, we prioritize helping the local associations that our employees support.

For loyalty to our practices 

We adopt the Ethics Code of our parent company, the Otsuka Group, which expresses our absolute commitment to the most rigid ethical norms and the loyalty of our practices.
It has been shared with all of N&S’s partners and its affiliates.

In terms of international solidarity : our commitment in west Africa

Initiated in 2008 in Burkina Faso, then switched since 2017 in Benin, the Tofu for Africa project had helping to promote food safety and sustainable living practices in West Africa, with a double benefit: to promote women’s entrepreneurship through soy processing and to facilitate people’s access to proteins.

It was based on the high nutritional value of soy vegetal-based proteins. Women are actively involved in their communities by transforming soy and introducing tofu (also called soy cheese) into their region’s dietary habits. This project was directly aligned to the commitment of our parent company, groupe Otsuka, to providing “a nutritional solution” to the global food supply thanks to soy (Soylution).

After 10 years support there, this project was ended in December 2018.
Today, N&S wants to focus more on local solidarity actions, in regions where it is implemented to involve better its people.


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