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Our CSR Commitments

How creating shared value ?

Our ambition is to lead our consumers to what we deem to be the sustainable solutions to

the environmental and nutritional problems of tomorrow.

From the outset, N&S pioneer in the health food business, has always strived to link food production to health and well-being. We innovate, produce and commercialize healthy and natural food products, covering all the demands and needs of our consumers. From, organic to vegan, sugar free and gluten free ranges, we also provide a top-quality range of sport nutrition, as well as slimming solutions. 

Today, the sustainable actions implemented, and the progress made by our teams are the foundations of creating
shared value in line with the different international standards of CSR (ISO 26000, GRI, Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals). Fully aware of our responsibilities, we, at our level, successfully contribute to the achievement of the 17 SDGs set by the United Nations since 2015. 

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The latest news on our social commitments

Drawing from ISO 26000, the only international standard adopted by 93 countries in November 2010 defining the social responsibility guidelines for a company, learn more about the commitments we are most proud of:
As well as our actions:

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